The vision to think big.

At J Dass.

we make the future happen, across the Franchised Hospitality, Commercial, Industrial properties, and many other businesses in various locations across the GTA. For over 20 eventful years we have been securing futures and setting standards, with world class projects for a better life. We are future ready, for you.

J Dass's leadership and commitment shines through our single promise to our clients:
We deliver landmark projects you can invest in, with assurance and pride.

We have the dedicated people and resources to make it happen.

Core competencies and an intimate understanding of your needs and objectives.

A fully integrated partner with an unwavering commitment to objectives and excellence.

Proud heritage of success: With a proven track record of results that serve you better.

A long heritage of pursuing quality.

A long heritage of pursuing quality translates into ensuring success for all our clients. Enabling them to experience world class excellence in their projects.


Let's transform the future, together.

Organisation founded in 2017 by Lenny Highness

Our programmes provide the ground for cooperations

Global economy affects individuals and communities