JDASS Investments

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Investing in a better tomorrow

JDass Corp is an investment group that was built from the ground up with an entrepreneurial spirit. Our exceptional team understands how to build, acquire, and grow successful businesses through every stage of development.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey or an established success story, we partner with people who have a clear vision of the world they want to create.

Our services & partnership opportunities

Joint Ventures

We are prepared to partner with individuals and companies who have complementary skills, experience and resources. Let’s create something impactful, together.

Angel Investments

We support startups and businesses in their early stages to give them the resources they need to succeed. We’ll help you grow into your full potential.

Advisory Roles

We know where to invest and can offer financial consulting for your organization to help you successfully grow new ventures and expand your business.

Our power comes from our people

Our ambitious leadership team is composed of passionate entrepreneurs successfully growing and managing a number of businesses. Meet them today.

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