Pioneering excellence since 1986

The primary goal of J Dass Company is to enhance the value of the Retail, Industrial and Hospitality properties under its supervision. It achieves this through strategic renovations, property repositioning, and construction as well as through improved operations and sophisticated capital planning.
Company stands on a belief that inspired teams naturally provide excellent and dedicated client service. We concentrate on building long-term relationships, which allow us to understand expectations and apply best practices that we learn and innovate by mutual efforts.

Core competencies as a world-class investor and operating partner.
J Dass operates in 5 key Markets - throughout and around the world.
Our Portfolio consists of 5 major categories: Real Estate, Hospitality, Hydrovac Operations, Retail, Manufacturing.

Organisation founded in 1986 by jaswant dass

Our programmes provide the ground for cooperations

Global economy affects individuals and communities


A cherished legacy. A bright future.

J Dass had a humble start 30 years back, with a retail store on, in the early 1980s. With the mass-adoption and infusion of technology, the retail store quickly grew from one to five locations, within the downtown core.
Quickly after, the company decided to venture in the hospitality industry by opening two distinct warehouses and re-located around the Toronto Downtown area. And ever since then there has been no looking back.
As the business expanded, so did the company values to strongly involve commitment, integrity, respect, and modesty – for our customers, employees, and business partners. Using those as the foundation, we continually worked to strengthen its’ core expertise and grow in new sectors and territories.

A builder of possibilities.

J Dass delivers high quality products and customized high quality solutions through its sales & service subsidiaries and partners. Our strategy of partnering with best in class suppliers ensures our investors and stakeholders have access to the best projects and market solutions.
Our focus on the future, helps us progress at an accelerated rate in every sector. This momentum remains a vital source of innovation and competitiveness, helping us enable giant leaps in productivity growth in the industry.