Leadership Team

Committed to our company’s success

At the heart of our family-owned business is just that – family. With a strong executive team that has been dedicated to our growth for decades, we are positioned to continue pushing our mission forward for decades to come. Meet our senior leadership team below. Click one each team member to read more.

Jay Dass

Chief Executive Officer & President
JDass Corp

As the CEO, President and founder of JDass Corp, Jay Dass is leading our way forward as a renowned Canadian entrepreneur. Jay has focused his energy on maintaining the company’s growth and expanding into new industries and territories, following his mantra of “second to none service” every step of the way.

Navjot Dass

Vice President
JDass Corp

Navjot has several years of experience in the steel, finance and construction industries. He brings an optimistic and enthusiastic mindset to work every day and works hard to create a positive work environment for his co-workers. Navjot is great at motivating like-minded employees with an entrepreneurial spirit to grow in both their professional and personal lives. He believes that being a leader means guiding his team in the right direction and providing them with all of the tools they need to be successful. Navjot is also a key member of the JDass Charitable Foundation and Breakfast with Santa foundation.

Ram Dass

Vice President
JDass Corp

Ram has several years of experience as a development coordinator and over 5 years of experience in the metals and manufacturing industries. Ram brings a focused mindset to his work and continuously pushes himself to grow in both his professional and personal life. As a managing director, Ram prides himself on keeping his team on track and driving efficiency throughout the company. With several years of experience in his role, he is creating a bright future for Dass Metal Products, and JDass Corp as a whole.

Preet Dass

Chief Operating Officer
JDass Corp

In her role as Chief Operating Officer at JDass Corp, Preet manages a wide range of business operations projects, leads new project initiatives and provides strategy and direction for the company’s operations. Her passion lies in program management, business development, contract and functional management, proposal support, acquisition integration, and more. An avid manager and marketer, her passion for propelling JDass forward makes her a key member of the Dass leadership team.

Raj Dass

Head of JDass Developments

Raj has several years of experience in urban planning, real estate development, construction and project management. She brings an optimistic attitude to the workplace and is vigilantly results-oriented in her day-to-day work. As a key member of the JDass Corp management team and a thought-leader in the real estate industry, Raj has proven herself as someone who makes an impact every single day. Her passion for growing the JDass Corp real estate portfolio knows no bounds and helps drive the success of the company.

Sim Dass

Director of Operations
Mississauga Convention Centre

With a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry and beyond, Sim brings a keen eye to managing the daily operations of the Mississauga Convention Centre. She also leads several corporate social responsibility initiatives, including the JDass Charitable Foundation and Breakfast with Santa Foundation. Sim is straightforward and approachable and is always looking for innovative solutions to better cater to the needs and demands of clients and employees alike. She enjoys working in a fast- paced environment that challenges her on a daily basis so that she can continue to grow and evolve.

Vic Dass

General Manager
Dass Metal Products

Vic has several years of experience in management, sales and more. He is always looking for new opportunities and challenges to expand his skills and knowledge. With the success he’s demonstrated in the management industry, it’s clear that Vic is an experienced sales professional who is constantly striving to develop new opportunities for himself and Dass Metal Products.

Indey Dass

Director of Marketing
JDass Corp

Indey is vastly experienced in a wide variety of industries, including hospitality, retail, sales and property management and brings relentless passion and energy to her role. Indey is determined, focused, goal-oriented and disciplined when it comes to achieving her goals, and is always working towards solving existing problems with innovative solutions. Indey is also committed to corporate social responsibility initiatives, such as the JDass Charitable Foundation and the Breakfast with Santa Foundation.

Dylan Bistowe

General Manager of Dass Rebar

With decades of experience in the metal and rebar industry, Dylan is well- equipped to take on any challenge. He thrives on creating opportunities to coach, mentor and develop his staff. Dylan is forward-thinking and goal-oriented, but also easygoing and approachable, which goes hand-in-hand with his goal of creating a positive work environment for all of his team members. Dylan notes: “at Dass, we are given the ability to help develop and grow the diversified portfolio of companies and be leaders in our industry.”

Deep Mohan Singh

Director of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Trading
Dass Metal Products

As a metal trader with more than 10 years of experience, Deep is passionate about the metal trading industry and brings an unrivaled degree of expertise to his role. He has experience in trading prime, surplus and recycled metal products, with added expertise in North American and International Trade. It’s Deep’s passion for metals that drives him and his exceptional work at JDass Corp.