In the community

Let’s shape the future, together.

The JDass Charitable Foundation is committed to supporting various social causes in our local and international communities. We provide financial assistance, resources, unique recreational programs, mentorships and growth opportunities.

If you are an organization seeking support or an individual looking to help, reach out today to learn more about our charitable initiatives and events.

Dedicated to making a difference

At JDass, our community involvement reaches far and wide. We are committed to sustainability, social responsibility, equality, and creating meaningful opportunities for people in the many communities we serve.

For more than 10 years, JDass Corp has hosted a community food drive in support of the Mississauga Food Bank.

JDass is proud to partner with YWS and to support their vital programs for at-risk and homeless youth.

It is our belief that through sport we can uplift youth and provide unique opportunities for development.

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